Um-ing and ah-ing keeps us stuck. See which of my e-comm programs is the right fit for you & get started

Enough with the talking, it’s time to take action.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who have an amazing idea for a new online business but have no idea how to start.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get your business live, asap!

I’ll reveal my biggest secrets to avoid making expensive mistakes (trust me, I’ve made them all), reduce decision fatigue & nail your launch.

E-Commerce Start Ups

Go-at-your-own-pace courses

You have an online business but you just aren’t seeing the sales come through. You won’t survive much longer if you don’t start seeing a steady flow of revenue soon.

Uncover my exact step-by-step strategy to improve your website to increase conversions rates and boost your sales instantly!

Sell More Online

Pauline Collings, Winestoppers Australia

“I can absolutely recommend Lisa Jones. I am working with Lisa at the moment. She is not only the loveliest person and truly invested in you and your business, she knows her stuff and thinks outside the box - motivational and strategic!”

Double your sales in 90 days with world-leading mentoring and support.

This is a ‘done-with-you’ program, meaning we’ll be there to support you through every step during LIVE coaching sessions.

This program doesn’t skimp on a thing! We cover absolutely every aspect of growing a successful online business so you can get paid.

The Academy

High-touch mentoring programs

Your brand has traction, you’re consistently doing $20k months … where do you go from here?

Think of this program as the stone you’ll use to smash through the glass ceiling.

My team will do a deep analysis of all aspects of your business to identify opportunities for growth & locate the leaks.

Scale Mastermind

Barbara, Stellah B Sustainables

“Lisa is an excellent business coach. She combines strong positive energy, passion while looking after her clients with in-depth e-commerce knowledge.”

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