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The Scale Mastermind Program

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“I signed up with Lisa because I loved her no BS approach & strategic thinking. I've worked with many 'business coaches' before who have been great cheerleaders but haven't been great at applying logic. Lisa is pushing my business to the next level. Best investment my business has made.”

Leanne Dodd | Anam Activewear

But, right now, you’re stuck…

Your business is going well. You’re seeing consistent sales growth and you are tweaking your website to optimize it for conversions regularly.

You know your brand has the potential to make millions and you have the loyal customer base to prove it.

I’ve been there…

I was exhausted. A mum of three, juggling the never-ending responsibilities that come with that (and there are many), while working through a difficult marriage and trying to build a thriving business. 

I wanted to work on my own terms and make a nice income doing it. Except it wasn’t working out that way… I was stressed, tired and couldn’t even afford to pay myself a wage. 

The thing that kept me going, through it all, was knowing my products would change people’s lives for the better.

Now, I own a multi-million dollar e-commerce empire without spending 60 hours a week glued to my laptop. I’ve won awards, run seminars, and appeared as a featured guest all over the world.

I wish there’d been a program like this around when I was scaling my multi-million dollar brand, Ecoriginals. If there had been, I would have doubled my sales in half the time. 

Don’t do it on your own. Surround yourself with genius mentors in e-commerce and a squad of other women like you.

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Grow a successful multi-million dollar brand

Double or triple your sales without breaking your systems

Stop spending money on aspects of your business that don’t bring profitable growth

We’ll do a personalised, deep analysis of your business to identify growth opportunities and find the leaks

Meghan Kurts-Forrester | Evohe Natural Skin Care

“Through working with her I've been able to steer my ship in the direction I really wanted to go). I now enjoy

more free time and less stress

due to decreasing my expenses and increasing my own salary! I feel inspired, creative and on purpose again.”

This is NOT a video library for you to work through in your non-existent spare time.

This is NOT a Facebook ads program where you’ll only learn one tiny aspect of growing a multi-million dollar business.

This is NOT another online course.

My team and I will work with you on 5 x live calls each week to scale your brand.

This is a ‘done-with-you’ program.

Unlike any other course in the world…

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Women with existing e-commerce brands doing more than $30k a month consistently.

Brands with proven success.

Entrepreneurs who are serious about scaling their business.

Aspiring millionaires. 

Who is the Scale Mastermind program for?

What’s Included?

Take a look inside...

Live with Tamara. Anything advanced digital marketing – socials, paid ads, analytics.

Tuesday midday AEST – SCALING & STRATEGY
Live with Lisa. This is a live Q&A call. Mindset, growth strategies, systems, software, operations, team.

Wednesday midday AEST – LIVE TRAINING
Each week our team will pick a topic we see working in one of our brands or a client’s brand and break it down for you. 
Live Q&A. Ask Donna anything manufacturing, freight and customs, 3PL logistics, reporting and analytics, inventory management and software.

Firday midday AEST – WEBSITE CRO & SEO Live Q&A.
Welcome Larissa Mac as a permanent Website & SEO coach to Scale every Friday 12pm. 

Live Calls

Monthly Numbers Analysis

Member’s Area

Monthly Themes

Live Calls

Select from any of the 5 x live mentoring calls every week with our team of e-commerce experts.

Each month we will pick a strategy in e-commerce and deep dive into it for your business. One month might be email marketing, another might be paid ads, and another might be manufacturing. 

That’s not to say we don’t cover lots of other questions you have every week, but for our trainings we theme them and bring in guest experts on the topics to cover the basics, the advanced training, the implementation and hot seats of brands who are winning in this space to see what they have done well to inspire you.

Monthly Themes

Monthly Numbers Analysis

Member’s Area

Monthly Themes

Live Calls

All of our calls are recorded and uploaded into a member’s area should you wish to replay them. We organise these by topics and dates so you can quickly find what you need. 

We also have a community area, member’s database so you can collaborate with other Scale Mastermind brands. 

Plus, a section dedicated to our partners so you can get access to our expert community.

Member’s Area

Monthly Numbers Analysis

Monthly Themes

Member’s Area

Live Calls

If you want to scale your sales, you have to know your numbers. 

Most brands we work with are so busy growing they don’t have time to look at their numbers. 

We will do a monthly numbers report on your brand and send through a Loom video each month with opportunities and risks, and share what we think is working and what’s not.

Please note, we will require you to connect your WooCommerce or Shopify store to our
dashboard. We may also ask to connect to your Google Analytics and Klaviyo as well to
provide this analysis. 

This is optional but valuable. Accountability and knowing your numbers is a core part of this Scale Mastermind program.

Monthly Numbers Analysis

Member’s Area

Monthly Themes

Monthly Numbers Analysis

Live Calls

Bonus Access to The Academy

You’ll also get ongoing access to The E-commerce Academy member’s area, calls and group, should you wish to deep dive on any topics that you need to work on inside your brand.

We could go on to tell you about all the live events, cocktail parties, video-a-
thons, etc. that we will also be including, but we know exactly how busy you are and how you actually just need rapid advice, help and support.


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“Joining the scale program was the single best business decision I’ve made so far. I finally have not only Lisa and her incredible experience and knowledge to support me but also her epic team of experts. Now I know there is nothing stopping me and when I get overwhelmed I have an amazing support system around me. If you’re thinking about joining and on the edge.. do it.”

Ruth Quinn | Bambino Bagz

I love working with Lisa. She makes you feel like part of her family; one that you can laugh and cry with without judgement. Her strategies are easy to follow and implement and her team are a great support. She's always available to answer any questions and I always feel so supported in my business.

Kelly Walter | Daily Orders

Having the expert coaches essentially at my finger tips means I don’t procrastinate for long, each time I get stuck, I’m able to ask for advice, take confident action and move on to the next thing.

Scale has helped me become more proactive than reactive and work out what I need to do to shift the needle immediately, while planning some big moves that have the potential to shift Sun Bella into the next gear.

Casey Bryden | Sun Bella

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