Mother, podcast host, author, keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, and world's most down-to-earth human (really!).

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Alisa Fraser, al.ive body

Her articulate delivery captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact. Lisa's ability to connect personally with listeners goes beyond. Her warm and personable approach transforms events into engaging experiences.

Lisa is an exceptional keynote speaker and business woman, seamlessly weaving professionalism with an inspiring presence on stage.

In the last 14 years, I've built seven companies, including three multi-million-dollar brands like Ecoriginals, the world's greenest nappies and wipes brand.

Currently, I'm transforming SHE-com into a global empire, fostering a community for female e-commerce brand owners.

Authentic and relatable, I wear my heart on my sleeve, navigating life's challenges including a DV marriage and blending families.

I'm a mother, stepmother, author, podcast host, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur.

Hi, I'm Lisa Jones.

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"All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust."

Lisa brings humour, wit and compassion to the stage in her trademark down-to-earth style - audiences fall in love with her and hang off every word!

Engage Lisa as a speaker or MC at your next event

She’s quick thinking and astute, with an engaging style and high standards for perfection which makes her the ideal event MC.

Lisa brings a unique dynamism to any event

Brands Lisa has interviewed:

Kristy Chong, Founder Modibodi 

As an interviewer she is passionate and curious, and knows exactly the right questions to ask to ensure the audience can actually take away business changing tips and growth hacks, rather than just hear the macro version of their journey.

Lisa is a true trailblazer, as one of the first Aussie e-commerce success stories.

3 lessons from successful SHE-compreneurs you need to know

How SHE Drives 300%+ GROWTH With ZERO COST Marketing Strategies with Zara Demeris from The Play Card Co

Behind the Scenes of SHE-com with Gabi Saper and the RISK of Meta Advertising

Lisa’s podcasts inspire and captivate listeners with relatable, impactful content. Her probing questions and engaging style provide invaluable insights for anyone in business.

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2 x Top Rated Podcasts

Whether you're an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur with ambitions to scale or someone who's just starting out with a great e-commerce idea, these podcasts are for you! 

SHE-talks E-Commerce +
E-commerce Uncomplicated

+ E-commerce Uncomplicated

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 Ebony Flett, Red Hill Candle Co

Lisa's podcast is my go to binge with lots of learning through relatable content and impactful interviewing style. Lisa asks the hard questions which ultimately make you feel less alone in business.

Lisa’s book - E-commerce Uncomplicated - shows readers that achieving success for their online brand shouldn’t be complicated at all. E-commerce Uncomplicated outlines the key elements for running an efficient e-commerce business - from marketing your product to hiring the right team.

E-commerce Uncomplicated

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