Available for speaking engagements, conferences, events, podcast appearances, and TV showcases.

Lisa Jones is more than just a speaker; she's an experience.

Lisa's talks are an unforgettable journey of emotion and empowerment. She is a master at captivating audiences with her raw and vulnerable stories and practical, actionable insights.

Lisa skillfully blends personal stories, heartfelt guidance, and actionable strategies.

Sparking transformation and leaving audiences empowered and inspired.

"Lisa is a dynamic, natural and engaging speaker who shares her wisdom in a way that leaves guests feeling empowered and equipped to take action" 

Taryn Williams, The Right Fit & Hashgifted

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Julie Stevanja, Co-founder Stylerunner, Co-founder Wrapd.ai

Lisa Jones brings energy, enthusiasm, and experience to the stage as either MC or speaker. A trusted professional that knows how to connect with the audience, engage and entertain. Highly recommend.

Signature keynote presentations on a range of topics

Interactive workshop sessions

Interview-style discussions and panel moderation

Event MC

As an expert in e-commerce and growing businesses, Lisa offers a range of services including:

Elevate Your Event with Lisa Jones

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As a gifted facilitator, moderator, and keynote speaker, Lisa brings a unique dynamism to any event. Her engaging style leaves guests feeling empowered and ready to take action.

Lisa offers a range of captivating keynotes which can be tailored to the needs of your audience, or choose from her prepared topics:

Keynote speaker

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Key takeaways:

The Game-Changing Levers for e-Commerce Growth

Why optimising your website for conversion is one of the best (and easiest) ways to double your sales.

Easy to understand and implement (yet highly effective) strategies to boost your conversion rate.

Key takeaways:

Why it’s important to focus on the key strategies that will move the needle the most.

Focus on 6 impactful strategies for substantial online sales growth.

Doubling Dollars: Mastering Your Website Conversions

Key takeaways:

My journey as an entrepreneur and how I built 9 companies over the last 16 years (three of them multi-million dollar brands).

Valuable lessons from my experiences, helping you avoid common pitfalls.

E-Commerce Real Talk and Hard-Won Lessons

Wisdom and Triumphs from Trailblazing Women

Key takeaways:

My journey as an entrepreneur and how I built 9 companies over the last 16 years (three of them multi-million dollar brands).

Insights from interviewing 100+ female brand owners through podcasts, hotseats and live events…and what they have in common.

Key takeaways:

How to balance ambition with well-being on your path to success.

The five traits that successful female founders have in common (and how to identify your own genius zones).

Tackling Business Growth Without Burnout

How to Scale Like a Boss

Key takeaways:

The main bottlenecks that stop brands from growing.

How to scale up an e-commerce business successfully…without burning out.

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Lisa presents in a conversational and heart to heart manner that is delivered in real world terms. Our audience was full of owner operator jewellery retailers, and we had 100% engagement and positive feedback for Lisa. The hints and tips delivered by Lisa were so clear in explanation that all 80+ store owners took home some powerful actionable items.  Lisa is a sensational and engaging speaker; I could not recommend her more highly.

Wow – would be an understatement for the amazing keynote presentation we were fortunate to participate in at our recent IJC conference.

Joshua Zarb, Independent Jewellers Collective 

 I have been part of various eCommerce & digital marketing presentations now for over 15 years, the presentation by Lisa is the one I will remember. 

kind words

Book Lisa for an unforgettable event experience as your MC.

A contagious energy that keeps the audience enthralled.

Skillful introductions and transitions that maintain the event’s flow.

Engaging interactions that keep attendees involved and attentive.

What Lisa brings to your event:

Lisa Jones is more than an MC; she's the heart and soul of any event. Her quick wit and warm, humorous personality are not just entertaining – they're captivating. 

Event MC

experience two

Whether it's a small gathering or a multi-day corporate event, Lisa ensures every moment is both engaging and memorable.

Gabi Saper, CMY Cubes 

Lisa brings a level of energy and enthusiasm that is simply contagious. She’s the kind of person you want at the helm of any event, making introductions and keeping the audience engaged.

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“Lisa effortlessly brings people together, infusing energy every moment. With Lisa, events not only meet but exceed expectations, leaving everyone involved inspired, connected, and grateful for the opportunity to witness her in action!"

Alisa Fraser, al.ive body

Hannah Spilva, Co-founder LVLY

Lisa has first-hand experience of being an e-commerce founder along with an extensive network and exceptional presentation skills.

Those three things are a killer combination! She is equal parts inspiring and relatable when presenting or hosting an event or delivering a keynote speech - she brings a touch of magic to every event she is involved in.

Lisa Jones isn't just an interviewer; she's a story weaver, connecting narratives and insights to create compelling discussions.

Interviews & Panel Moderation

With experience interviewing hundreds of women on stages, podcasts, and hotseats within her coaching programs, Lisa is an expert in drawing out the heart of a story.

For conferences and events

experience three

A gifted facilitator who navigates panel or solo interviews with ease.

Quick-thinking, able to steer conversations for maximum impact.

A talent for reframing shares to embed lessons deeper into the audience's hearts.

Why Lisa is the perfect interview host:

Experience Lisa's interviewing skills on SHE-talks podcast episodes

Book Lisa to facilitate your next panel. Enquire about pricing.

Alisa Crook, babyshop

Each time I listen to Lisa, I'm struck by her remarkable talent for presenting material in a way that's both engaging and relevant, sparking a desire to apply her suggested ideas.

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 Lisa possesses an innate charisma and a powerful presence that effortlessly captivates and maintains the focus of her audience.

In the last 14 years, I've built seven companies, including three multi-million-dollar brands like Ecoriginals, the world's greenest nappies and wipes brand.

Currently, I'm transforming SHE-com into a global empire, fostering a community for female e-commerce brand owners.

Authentic and relatable, I wear my heart on my sleeve, navigating life's challenges including a DV marriage and blending families.

I'm a mother, stepmother, author, podcast host, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur.

Hi, I'm Lisa Jones.

Jen Geale, Co-Founder MTB Direct 

Lisa is that rare blend of speaker who is not only able to enthral her audience with her raw and vulnerable stories, but she ensures they spend their time frantically taking notes, because she is offering up gem after practical gem!

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