A podcast where Lisa breaks down all the complicated topics in e-commerce and presents them in simple, no fluff strategies! 

E-commerce Uncomplicated! 

Step by step strategies to sell more online

Hotseat interviews with other women nailing their brand growth

Real talk about overwhelm, imposter syndrome, adrenal fatigue and the mousewheel! 

Help to understand where you should spend your precious time and dollars

Mental health support through this journey 

Tune in every Monday for:

A Top 10 podcast

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A Top 100 podcast 

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5 star reviews 

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What listeners are saying

... you gave me my spark back!!
Off to officeworks this afternoon! Thank you!"

"I just listened to your new podcasts and...


... I cant wait for more episodes! I loveeeeeee your voice! So soothing and thanks for being so honest about it all. Thats so encouraging!"

"Just started listening to your podcast...


Lisa oozes passion, knowledge and experience. The content is full of tips to inspire and mobilise immediate action – loving it!” 

“So real and relatable…


Lisa is the true meaning of a mentor. Great to get advice from someone who has had the struggles and stress of getting her business off the ground. Amazing and helpful advice!” 

“Fantastic podcast….


Really enjoying this podcast. As an online business owner, it giving me so many tips I can action right away. Not only that, Lisa’s advice on how to stop feeling so overwhelmed has been incredibly helpful. “ 

“LOVE this podcast…


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