Lisa champions brands that align with her personal lifestyle and values.

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Lisa maintains a robust social media presence, connecting with a devoted following through her genuine “keeping it real” style. Her posts are a candid window into her life - navigating the highs, lows and everything in-between. Living on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, Lisa openly shares her reflection on the good (and not so good) times that marriage, parenting teens, travel, lifestyle and of course, running multi-million dollar brands brings.

Genuine and relatable content that engages a loyal audience.

Regular, consistent posting schedule, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

A strong, influential online presence, fundamental for multifaceted business engagement.

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Lisa brings a level of honesty and relatability that few can match. Having worked with and experienced a large variety of brands, her relatable content showcases and promotes your brand to her community with a level of authenticity that is highly regarded.

Readily engaged with content produced, celebrating an outstanding level of reach, impressions and interactions.

Highly motivated to purchase under Lisa’s guidance and influence.

Harness a sense of connection with both Lisa and her broader community.

Primarily women aged 33 - 48 years old.

A combined following of 20K+ across social platforms.

A loyal and highly engaged following of style conscious and brand aware women. The Lisa Jones Audience looks to her for inspiration, aspiration and guidance, and find themselves highly influenced by the offerings she provides.

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Providing results driven collaborations and sharable content creation, Lisa Jones is in high demand from both Australian and International brands alike, with a strong focus on the fashion, travel, lifestyle, parenting and business ownership categories.

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