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Lisa has been featured globally for over a decade, appearing in major media publications, podcasts, TV and YouTube.

With seven successful companies to her name, she's a master at building teams and scaling brands. 

Comfortable in the spotlight, Lisa brings passion and expertise to every interview.  

Lisa writes passionately about e-commerce and business in general, and can be contacted for well-informed, up-to-date quotes on relevant topics. 

SHE-com also produces white papers each year, with statistics gleaned from our 10k+ member strong audience.

In the last 14 years, I've built seven companies, including three multi-million-dollar brands like Ecoriginals, the world's greenest nappies and wipes brand.

Currently, I'm transforming SHE-com into a global empire, fostering a community for female e-commerce brand owners.

Authentic and relatable, I wear my heart on my sleeve, navigating life's challenges including a DV marriage and blending families.

I'm a mother, stepmother, author, podcast host, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur.

Hi, I'm Lisa Jones.

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